NIHOTOUR to spice IPADA Carnival 2024 with world polo, beach durbar fiesta

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As preparations for the debut edition of IPADA Carnival 2024 and IPADA Initiative gather speed, organisers of the cultural tourism and economic project have continued to welcome more supports and endorsements from across board, with the latest coming from the management of the National Institute for Hospitality and Tourism.

Prior to this time, the project, which is an initiative of the Founder and President of La Campagne Tropicana Beach Resort, Otunba Wanle Akinboboye, has received endorsements from Lagos State government, which is the host state, Ekiti State government and the Federal Government of Nigeria, through the Minister of Tourism, Mrs Lola Ade-John, which noted that the project is a significant move in the development and promotion of Nigerian tourism.

Otunba Wanle Akinboboye

IPADA Carnival 2024 and IPADA Initiative, which is part of Motherland Beckons’ activations, is according to Akinboboye, is geared at inspiring the mass movement of people from the Diaspora to Lagos, Nigeria and then Africa, which is the motherland of the Diasporas.

With over a million people expected during this mass movement, Akinboboye disclosed that it would not only be a boost for Nigerian tourism but also a flip for the economy as a number of the people will be exposed to business opportunities for investment within the ecosystem.

The partnership of NIHOTOUR is a welcome development as the training institute is bringing on board two unique products; First World Polo and Beach Durbar Fiesta, to add flair and colours to the event, which is slated to hold between November 29 and December 8, 2024 at La Campagne Tropicana Beach Resort in Ikegun Village, Ibeju Lekki, Lagos.

In a letter of endorsement of the project to Akinboboye, signed by the Director General and Chief Executive Officer of NIHOTOUR, Alhaji Nura Sani Kangiwa, it disclosed; ‘‘We look forward to working together towards a successful partnership and contributing to the success of the IPADA Carnival by adding Polo and Durbar to the bouquet of events that would add glitter to the 2024 edition.”

Explaining, Kangiwa revealed; “We are not just going to have a Polo And Durbar Beach Fiesta, what we are going to have in November and December at IPADA Carnival will be the First Ever World’s Polo And Durbar Beach Fiesta.’’

This global fiesta, he noted will feature among others; African Beach Polo (Chovken) Championship; Colourful Royal Durbar (Horse) Procession; Display of Hausa Traditional Sports and Various Folk Arts including Wrestling, Crocodiles performances, ‘Yantauri’ (knives artists) and other uncommon entertainment; and Training of La Campagne Tropicana host community youths and women on tour guide operations.

According to him, confirmation has been received from a number of the participating countries and teams for the event. “Already, we have got confirmation of participation for this World’s First Ever Polo And Durbar Beach Fiesta, from Morocco, Ghana, Egypt, Nigeria, South Africa, Kuwait and Hong Kong,’’ disclosed Kangiwa.

Adding; ‘‘Though Kuwait and Hong Kong are not Africa, but they have asked for participation, of which we have gladly accepted, as friends and lovers of Africa, who will be part of the celebration during IPADA Carnival.

“We are expecting other confirmations from China, Japan and other African countries.” Kangiwa is also the President of Nigeria Polo Federation (NPF) and heads the African Regional Group in the Governing Board of the International Chovken Federation (ICF).

The DG further stated; “We are pleased to inform you that the National Institute for Hospitality and Tourism Studies (NIHOTOUR) is excited to participate in this strategic partnership. We recognise the significance of the IPADA Carnival and its mission to promote cultural vibrancy and pride, as well as facilitate travel and experiences across the African continent.

‘‘We believe that collaborating with IPADA will not only benefit our institute but also contribute to the broader goals of promoting tourism, hospitality, and
cultural exchange in Nigeria and beyond.’’

Akinboboye in his response, expressed appreciation to the DG and his team for the strategic partnership and the initiative that he is bringing on board, which he described as the result of the power of ideas. This is as he stated; “It is the result of our focus on developing, inspirational ideas to empower older and younger entrepreneurs in the tourism industry for the benefit of our dear nation Nigeria, and the entire continent of Africa.

‘‘As you can see, we have in the last few months been developing concepts and various tourism products to boost the vibrancy of the tourism industry. It is from such energy that a synergy between the National Institute for Hospitality and Tourism (NIHOTOUR) and IPADA Initiatives and IPADA Carnival has been conceived.”

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