Month: January 2020

Civil War Artifacts

Nigeria gradually losing them all January 15, 2019 marked the 49th anniversary of the end of the Nigerian civil war. The generation that took active parts in the war, particularly in the South East, then part of the defunct Biafra Republic, is gradually dying out. To many young men in the South East, the civil […]

Ijala: Delta State community where the Kings never die

Where trees serve as eternal tombstones In the Royal Cemetery, Ijala, Delta State of Nigeria, the Itsekiris have a place that comes close to the Valley of Kings in Egypt. It is a grove known as Ijala and it has a history that is 520 years old with about 18 kings buried in it. However, […]

Kigali Genocide Memorial:

Horror chambers that teach peace. Can there be closure to painful memories of the past? Can one ever overcome the horror of a bad dream that became reality, having loved ones hacked to death and their bodies disposed of in the most undignifying manner? Kigali Genocide Memorial in the Rwandan capital is pitched at the […]