Ekiti ATPN set for inauguration, as chapter visits youths’ commissioner

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The Ekiti chapter of the Association of Tourism Practitioners of Nigeria (ATPN) is set for inauguration on the 18th of next month (July). This was disclosed by the chapter’s chairperson Dr. (Mrs.) Abigail Olagbaye during a courtesy visit to the  Ekiti State Ministry of Youth Development, led by  Honourable Gold Adedayo.

 Olagbaye explained that the Ekiti State chapter came into existence three years ago, and  would be officially inaugurated next month  in Ado Ekiti. She emphasized that ATPN, represents practitioners and stakeholders in the tourism value chain in the private sector and that the Ekiti state chapter aims to harness the state’s tourism potential in partnership with the government.

The Ekiti State ATPN leader also stressed the importance of involving the youth in the tourism activities of the state, recognizing their significant role in the industry’s future. The visit aimed to understand the ministry’s role in youth development and to foster growth. She sought the ministry’s commitment to collaborative partnership programs with ATPN and invited the Commissioner to speak at the upcoming inauguration event. Additionally, she proposed featuring the ministry in ATPN Ekiti state chapter brochures and newsletters.

The Commissioner thanked ATPN Ekiti State team  for the visit,  and commended  the association’s  ongoing efforts. He underscored the ministry’s mission to develop the youth of Ekiti State, recognizing tourism as a vital component. He highlighted the ministry’s initiatives under Youth in BEATS “which includes youth participation in Entertainment Agriculture, Business, and Technology. The ATPN chairperson proposed adding tourism to the ministry’s agenda, which the commissioner immediately accepted for inclusion in the Youths in BEAT agenda.

Olagbaye appreciated the Commissioner’s support and assured that as the ministry had requested, the ATPN Ekiti state chapter would present their work plan soon.

The meeting concluded with a mutual agreement for further official visits and continuous engagements marking the beginning of a promising collaboration between ATPN Ekiti State Chapter and the Ministry of Youth Development.

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