FTAN Lagos reunites members with Port Novo boat cruise

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Federation of Tourism Association of Nigeria (FTAN), Lagos  Chapter converged on the Benin Republic over the weekend, to reunite members, as well as, reawaken exciting  activities of the tourism practitioners’ body.
Organised by Mr. Tope Fajemirokun, FTAN Lagos Coordinator, no fewer than 22 people representing affiliated associations of the main body, attended the Ileya Boat Cruise to Port Novo, Benin Republic. Participants visited several tourist attractions in Port Novo and Cotonou, such as Club des Rois, the Amazons of Benin inscription, and Matyre of January 16, 1977.
Participants aboard the long-tail boats to the Port Novo terminal after arriving at the National Inland Waterway Authority terminal in Lagos.
Speaking to the journalists, during the gathering, the Fajemirokun said, “We want to get back on track after a period of inactivity, and in order to do so, we need to take the members on a trip and get them all together.
I want people to experience beautiful tourism sites within Port Novo, as it is where I do my business, he declared.
He commended the great turnout and thanked the members for ensuring  the day was successful. He claimed that without them, the day would not have been successful.
However, he expressed optimism that the next  meeting would be attended by all members without any hitch.”
Mr. Tunde Kolade, South-West Vice President FTAN said: “We came here to have fun, and I’ve seen some really clean places; in contrast to Nigeria. They manage traffic order without the need for traffic supervisors. Cleanliness is essential. “In light of what I’ve witnessed today, I hope that Nigeria can imitate it and use its abundant tourism resources to develop the country.”
Mr. Oluomo Jamiu Talabi, President of the Lagos Hoteliers Association (LHA)  said:  “I feel proud of FTAN for this reunion. I  am excited  that I am part of this memorable outing from Lagos-.Nigeria to Port Novo but it’s worth the time and effort spent  as we were able to visit beautiful monuments and a beach decorated with natures.
 A member of the association in the person of  Pastor Frank Meke said,  “I  believe you are witnessing a nation that is ready to conduct business, willing to learn from its mistakes, and correct it. You have also witnessed a nation that was pretending to be in the tourism business. Thus, Nigeria is faking it to be a tourist destination.”
M/s Olusola Oladimeji, Welfare Lagos Hoteliers Association said, “The tour from Lagos to Benin Republic through the coastal lines was a good concept.” 
Tour Guides, Mr. James Anago-Osho, “My father used to take my siblings and me to the bar beach when we were little. Honestly, I can  say that what I have seen so far has been encouraging. I also appreciate the president of the Benin Republic. However, I have noticed that the people of the Benin Republic are very interested in tourism, and there is a lot of infrastructure development taking place.
The environment is really well-kept, the infrastructure development is extraordinary, and the Benin Republic is truly utilising the potential of tourism,” according to Anago-Osho.

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