Tinubu’s 1st year performance: Ade-John scores tourism ministry 20 percent

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The Minister of Tourism Mrs. Lola Ade-John has scored the performance of the tourism ministry in the first year of President Ahmed Tinubu’s administration as 20 percent.

The minister said this during a live interview television show, Good Morning Nigeria, by the Nigerian Television Authority (NTA), to review tourism ministry in the first year of President Tinubu’s administration.

One of the anchor persons for the show had asked her to list by data or metrics, what the ministry had achieved in the last one year. The minister scored the achievement of her ministry as 20 percent based of the Key Performance Indicator (KPI) given to her by the Presidency. She said: “In terms of metrics, every ministry was given KPI. It is a good job that we had the KPIs otherwise we won’t be focused on what we are doing. We tend to go on tangents and we have all sorts of people coming to bring proposals and what have you.

“In terms of the numbers, we are supposed to ensure that Nigeria is sold in most and best positive light to the rest of the world. I won’t say that we haven’t done anything; the groundwork is in progress, especially in three months.”

 Listing some of the achievements of her ministry in the last one year, she said: “We are positioning our website, the internet, so that we have virtual tourism itself, and it’s also important because we want to expand our tourism especially in the Diaspora. We want to ensure that we are engaging our communities, getting the communities involved in line to increase employment. When tourists go, they want to buy some basic things, some gifts, some souvenirs and things like that. In that part, I will say that we have done quite well. I will that, about 20 percent, it is not much.  But in the very short time, I think we have made significant inroads in that area. We can’t even cope because most of the states are calling us in anticipation that will also be welcoming tourists. So, those are some of the most important thing that we have done. I have said that we have done the review, that one is now 50 percent, then we are now going to do the filling of the gaps. The new policy will be announced when the time comes. We are also are also working on the master-plan.”

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