Odusanwo urges tourism industry practitioners to thrive for training, certification

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*Urged practitioners to key into govt’s student loan scheme

The National President of the Institute for Tourism Professionals of Nigeria (ITPN) Chief Abiodun Odusanwo has called on tourism industry practitioners to always pursue professionalism in the industry through training and certification. He also urged them to key into Federal Government Loan Scheme for students to get trained.  He said this will help elevate the standards and professionalism in the sector, and help achieve sustainable growth and success.

Odusanwo made this call while delivering his address at the annual meeting of the Minister of Tourism with state tourism commissioners, permanent secretaries and directors of tourism departments. The meeting was held this week from Tuesday, May 14, to Wednesday, May 15 in Abuja.  He said: “It is worthy to call on all stakeholders, operators and practitioners in the industry to accord professional skill development and upgrade utmost recognition and priority if the industry is to achieve global best practice in quality service delivery. This is the more reason why we should seize the opportunity and leverage on the window openings by the Federal Government to key into the Students Loan Scheme that has included those interested in skill acquisition to assess the loan scheme funds for skill training. The Travel Tourism and Hospitality industry should not be left out from benefiting from this largesse. In order to ensure that our tourism industry remains competitive and sustainable, It is crucial for all stakeholders to continuously upgrade their skills and knowledge through professional certification programmes.”

Odusanwo commended the Federal Government and said the creation of the   Federal Ministry of Tourism shows the seriously of the Federal Government to the development of tourism in the country and called for greater support for the government. He further said: “With the establishment of a stand-alone ministry solely dedicated to overseeing the tourism sector, I will say the Federal Government has set the ball rolling. This no doubt goes to show that the tourism industry has a prime place in the economic development of the Renewed Hope Agenda of this administration. Let us join hands to ensure the capability of the delivery of the Nigerian tourism potential to drive sustainable growth, create jobs, and promote cultural exchange by placing the industry on the front burner as a viable industry of great importance that must be nurtured and supported in order to reach its full potential.”

He said ITPN  is committed towards ensuring a high level of professional competence in the Nigeria travel and tourism industry through training: “The Institute for Tourism Professionals of Nigeria (ITPN) has been at the forefront of driving this initiative, offering a range of certification programmes designed to enhance the professionalism and competence of all individuals working in the tourism sector. By obtaining a professional certification from, individuals are not only able to enhance their skills and knowledge, but also demonstrate their commitment to excellence in the industry. This, in turn, helps to build trust and attract investors, ultimately leading to increased business opportunities and revenue generation for the country.”

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