FTAN presents 13 keys areas of focus to tourism minister

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The Federation of Tourism Associations of Nigeria (FTAN), Nigeria’s umbrella body for tourism industry practitioners, has presented key areas of focus to Nigeria’s new tourism minister, Ms. Lola Ade-John. The federation made the presentation during a courtesy visit to the minister.     

The FTAN team, led by the President, Mr. Nkereuwem Onung,
congratulated the minister on her appointment and promised to work with her
towards uplifting the industry to desired height in the country. It described
the minister’s appointment as a good omen in the light of her track record of
service in the private sector.

FTAN President, Mr. Onung, said that against the backdrop of the present administration’s proposition of the Renewed Hope Agenda, and the new paradigm shift of diversifying the economy from oil to other sectors with tourism as a harbinger, will increase government revenue earnings, create jobs and reduce poverty.

The federation advised the minister to focus on the following areas: Mandatory hosting of the National Council on Tourism where important national policies and programmes on tourism industry will be discussed and far reaching decisions are taken. This would guide and direct national tourism activities for sustainability and enhancement.

Also, FTAN called for the formation of Commissioners of Tourism
Forum to bring all commissioners of tourism across the country together and
afford the opportunity to discuss tourism development issues in their domains
as well as offer the opportunity for synergy in national tourism development

The federation urged the minister that a tourism calendar of
events should be drawn to include all key tourism and hospitality events across
the country annually. This, the federation said, will give national tourism
events a line of focus and direction.

FTAN also called for the revival of the Presidential Council
of Tourism (PCT), a forum that brings together key stakeholders from the public
sectors comprising of ministries, Departments and agencies at all levels of
government as well as the organized private sector in the tourism industry, with
the President as chairman of the council.

The federation urged the minister to revisit the issue of grading
and classification of tourism and hospitality establishments to create a
uniform standard operation patterns for tourism and hospitality establishments
in the country in line with global best practices.

The minister was encouraged to key into the United Nations
World Tourism Organization’s (UNWTO) programs, events, and propositions on
tourism development matters and initiatives to be informed, keep pace, and be
carried along in international tourism development issues. This, it says,  should be in collaboration with the organized
private sectors for credibility and legitimacy.

FTAN called on the minister to make Nigeria visible in
international tourism and hospitality events like the World Tourism Market
(WTM), FITUR, INDABA and others.

The ministry, the federation says, should  key into the 2030 Sustainable Development
Goals (SDGs) Agenda on Tourism and devise means to implement policies to
promote sustainable tourism that creates jobs, and promotes local culture and

In addition, FTAN calls for a revisit of the National
Tourism Development Master-Plan  that was
started more than two decades ago, but remains inconclusive, saying the  country cannot talk about developing the
tourism industry without a roadmap to guide it to do so most effectively and efficiently.

It urges the federal government to encourage states to
develop and have in place a tourism master -plan. This will equally serve as a
roadmap and guide in the implementation of their tourism development programs
and activities.

The federation called for an awareness and understanding of the implementation of Tourism Satellite Accounts (TSA) , a very important in tracking and keeping records of the national tourism growth and development indices, statistically.

It urged the minister to look into an area like  skills development and upgrade among staff in public tourism and hospitality establishments at federal and state levels to achieve better job performance inputs and outputs professionally in close collaboration with NIHOTOURS, ITPN, HATMAN, NHCI, and other training organizations in the country.

Finally, the federation called for a  joint celebration of World Tourism Day event with the government and organized private sector as a means to chart new trajectories for tourism development yearly in line with UNWTO themes.

The minister who said she was working assiduously to familiarise herself with the industry, promised to work with the private sector industry practitioners.

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