Nigerians travelling to UK to spend 28 days in quarantine

Posted on: May 25, 2020, by :

*as enforcement of UK new law

Nigerians visiting to the United Kingdom (UK) from June 8 will spend 28 days in quarantine. The new UK quarantine law which kicks on that day expects a mandatory quarantine for  both residents and visitors.  Passengers arriving in the UK by plane, ferry or train – including UK nationals – will have to provide an address where they will remain for 14 days. There is a £100 penalty for anyone found to have not filled in this”contact locator” form.

Surprise visits will be used to check their adherence to the new law. Those in England could be fined up to £1,000 if they fail to self-isolate, while governments in Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland can also impose penalties.

The implication of this new law to Nigerian travellers to the UK is that after spending the mandatory quarantine period in the UK, on return to Nigeria, the traveller would have to spend an additional 14 days as the Nigerian government is currently implanting a quarantine period of fourteen days for those coming into Nigeria and  evacuees from other countries.  

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