Experience Africa You Never Knew

Whether you are caught in the exhilarating feel-good mood of Calabar Carnival revelers in Nigeria, or deep in the Volcanic Mountains’ forest for highland gorilla trekking in Rwanda, on the trail of a primate family… Whether you walk in trepidation and awe on the ruins of El Jem’s Roman amphitheatre in Tunisia, or stooping to meander through the thin openings inside labyrinth of Elmina Castle in Ghana, wondering the depth of depravity in the evil mind(s) that conceptualized this horror chamber that housed slaves in the past.

Whether one has disciplined and conquered one’s physical desire to follow the solemn worship and chants of monks in Lalibella and Axum, Ethiopia, or caught in the realm of the supernatural being eye witness to ‘raw miracles’ as Pastor T.B. Joshua, used by God, cast out demons and heal the sick, there is so much to see and experience in Africa.  One cannot but be overwhelmed by the diversity and sheer number of the tourism offerings in Africa.

There are so many exciting man-made and natural tourism products in Africa to soak in and enjoy.

The continent is blessed with almost inexhaustible attractions that might be difficult to cover in a life time.